Can you have sex while pregnant?!

Can you have sex while pregnant?!

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Can you have sex while pregnant

There are many doubts in the mind of pregnant women. Whether they can eat that food or not, what will happen if they try this exercise, etc., they are afraid of every little thing. There is no clarity in some other matters or there is no opportunity to believe that many misconceptions are true. Romance is one of them. It is natural for many pregnant women to have doubts as to whether this procedure, which is crucial for health and bonding, can be done after pregnancy. Not only this. Some people are troubled with many other doubts and misconceptions related to intercourse in pregnancy. And, can you have sex during pregnancy? or not? What are the misconceptions that many people have in this order? Let’s find out.

Those who are not in that zone !

After getting pregnant, many people take it easy. They are afraid to take a step. Is such a romance

? They don’t let that idea come to them. Because this may cause problems for the baby growing in the stomach! But couples who are not in the high-risk zone. Experts say that they can participate in the combination without fear as per the doctor’s advice. It is said that this process does not affect the growth of the child in any way. But here it is necessary to proceed keeping in mind the comfort of the pregnant woman. It is also important not to put pressure on the stomach! And if there are any deep doubts in this matter, you can ask the doctor.

Pre-mature delivery?

Many people are afraid that if they engage in sex after pregnancy, they will miscarry in the early stages and may lead to pre-mature delivery as the months progress. But experts say that both of these are true. It is said that pain and some discomfort near the vagina after intercourse is natural and other than that, no other side effects are caused by this. But the thing that needs to be clarified here is whether the romance can be continued as the months pass or not! Since everyone’s health condition is not the same during pregnancy, it is better to get your health condition checked by a doctor first and get clarity on this matter. So, you can be careful not to get any problems.

What is the risk of infections?

Pregnant women are afraid of having sex at this time because they may get infections from their partner, and where they will touch the baby in their womb! But experts say that combination is safe during pregnancy as long as there is no infection in the partner. They say that it is better to keep them away from the same infections and diseases. But in this case some people follow safe methods like condoms. But it is better not to take that risk! And women also don’t forget to practice good personal hygiene.


Experts say that having sex for pregnant women has many benefits. That is!

  • ❃ Sex improves blood flow to the genitals. So that the muscles there will be strengthened. Even the small problems in those parts will be removed.
  • ❃ The union doubles the connection without increasing the distance between the couple.
  • ❃ Experts say that sex helps to stay fit and active during pregnancy. The reason for this is the melting of excess fats and calories accumulated in the body.
  • ❃ A study has shown that due to the process of sexual intercourse, immunity increases in the body. So it is better to take part in the combination keeping in mind your comfort and health condition to avoid any diseases during pregnancy.
  • ❃ Engaging in sexual activity releases endorphins in the body. These are the happy hormones. So that both mother and baby can relax.

Don’t do them!

It is not only women who are in high-risk pregnancy. Experts say that pregnant women should stay away from sex at times.

  • ❃ Those who have Vezina problems.
  • ❃ If twins are growing in the womb.
  • ❃ Those who got stitches due to lose pregnancy sac.
  • ❃ If there is bleeding from the vagina, vaginal discharge, white discharge.
  • ❃ Even those who have previously delivered pre-mature, it is better to stay away from sex during pregnancy!

No matter how healthy the pregnancy is, it is best to continue the sexual process only as long as it feels comfortable. Also, if there are any doubts or misconceptions in this matter. Even if you feel bleeding or pain during intercourse. It is best to consult a doctor and take appropriate treatment and follow their advice!

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